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Fic Fest Update

Sorry for the delay on this but an end date had been decided on.

We'll be wrapping up the fest Tuesday September 22nd.

So if you're like me and plan on slipping in at the last minute there's your deadline.

Again, sorry for the hold up in the announcment. RL stuff just exploded with the start of school this year.

Fic Fest!

The sheroes_rag is announcing it's Tamora Pierce 20 Random Facts Fic Fest.

Accepting fics from both worlds this is just a fun, friendly fest intended to get the bunnies hopping.

(I'm really just posting this is to make sure all my coding's right.)


June 2008 Issue

The June 2008 issue is out! See it here.

In this issue: 
 *The Game Tree: A Column of PC Games by Joseph Howse
 *Frankenstein and Creationism by Beara
 *Stepping into Another's Shoes by Beara
Short Stories:
 *Bruised Apples by Debra Purdy Kong
 *The Sophmore's Compleat Guide to Political Espionage by Stephanie Scarborough
Fan Fiction:
 *One Final Message by Meghan E.
 *A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith Review by Marie Hodgkinson
 *Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr Review by Leeny
 *Serenity by Beth Turner
 *Wayside by Kitheka
 *Secrets Aplenty by Alysha Eady

Thanks to everyone who submitted!! For the first time we have submissions in every department, too!

The next issue comes out on September 4, which is also Sheroes Rag's one year anniversary. :D The deadline is August 28.

In other news, every week this summer, we will posting a book on the 'Rag website that was reccomended by one of the 'Rag editors. The books will also be posted on here. The first book should be posted sometime this week.


Color Scheme

Hi!! It's Erin again. Some people on 'Fans said they can't read the text 'cause of the colors or something. So I checked and I can read it just fine. Does it look different on different computers or something? Should we change the layout? Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, sorry! And I would change it but I have NO IDEA how. LJ confuses me. :P

Sheroes Rag Community

HI. This is Erin, again. OK, I set the community settings so it's not just 14 & over. I THINK. I'm really not sure. I also put it so all members can post, because Leeny said we have to approve posting or something. Once again, I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I'm pretty sure I didn't permanently delete something or anything like that. Everyone happy now? 

Ya'll have some nice, nifty, comments. I have some nice, nifty answers.

'Question about the community- are you going to let other people join and post or just you two. 'Cause you have the journal for that.'

For right now, it should be set so that anyone can join, but only Erin and I can post. That might be changing in the near future, so keep an eye out. *wink, wink*

'1) I second Leeny's question.
2) You have to change the community so that it isn't for 13 and over. I tried to show my brother on his account, but it wouldn't let him read it because he's 12.'

The journal/community is set the way it is because it's focused mainly towards young adults (MCC: TEENAGERS!). Being a teenager myself, I know that we tend to think and talk about some stuff that's not so not young adult related. I'll change it later, but if lj complains, it'll be set back.

Tootles! *hwp*

Submission Guidelines

Hi people! This is Erin. I'm going to post the submission guidelines for future reference.

We accept articles/essays, short stories, fan fiction of all types, reviews (book, movie, etc.), and poetry. We also accept art (including fan art) and comics.

E-mail submissions to sheroes_rag@hotmail.com. In the subject line, put the department name. In the message, put the title of your submission, your e-mail address, how you found out about Sheroes Rag, and the name you want to be published under.

Please single space your submissions, indent paragraphs, and don't put extra space between paragraphs. This makes putting together the issue a LOT easier.

Articles: Articles should be informative and interesting, and no longer than 5000 words. We prefer opinionated articles. Essays are also accepted in this department. Editor: Marie

Short Stories: Short stories must be your own original idea. Short stories should be no more than 5000 words. If your story is longer than that, we'll consider publishing it in installments. Make sure you send us the entire story at once. Editor: Erin

Fan Fiction: Fan fiction now can be based on any book, instead of just Tamora Pierce's books. Fan fiction should be no more than 5000 words. If your story is longer than that, we'll consider publishing it in installments. Make sure you send us the entire story at once. Editor: Ashley

Reviews: Reviews should be no more than 1000 words. Reviews can be over anything-books, movies, plays, TV shows, musicals, etc. Make sure to outline the plot then tell what you think of good. Give it a rating oout of ten. Editor: Leeny

Poetry: Poetry should be your own original idea. Fan fiction poems should be submitted to the fan fiction department. Poetry should be no more than 1500 words. Any style or topic goes. Editor: Alana

Art: Art must be attached in a .jpg or .gif file. Fan art is also accepted. (If you submit fan art, let us know where it's from.)

Comics: Comics must be attached in a .jpg or .gif file. Comics must be your own original idea and no more than one page long. We are not accepting on-going comic strips currently, sorry.

As of right now, issues come out four times a year:

March 4 (Deadline February 25)
June 4 (Deadline May 28)
September 4 (Deadline August 28)
December 4 (Deadline November 27)

As you may have noticed, the short stories editor is no longer Clare. Clare, unfortunately, is leaving the 'Rag. :'( I'm filling in for her as short stories editor in the meantime, but there might be a possible opening in the staff soon.

Also, effective in September, we will only have five submissions per department per issue. Therefore, the first five accepted submissions in each department will go in the upcoming issue, the next five accepted submissions in each department will go in the next issue, and so forth.

Anyway, that's all for now. ~Erin

Edit: The defying gravity pic means it's me!
 Hello everyone! This be Rojo/Ashley, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Sheroes Rag (MCC: the 'Rag) Now ya'll see that userpic up there ^^... er, mayber it's over there <<... ANYWAY, when you see that pic, wherever it may be, you know that it is I, Rojo/Ashley, your favorite editor-in-chief, co-founder! *ducks in case Erin throws anything* Yes, so, um WELCOME! I only have a few pieces of information, see keep reading!

-Erin and I now have a separate email account from the editors. You still email submissions to
sheroes_rag@hotmail.com, but now, if you wish to speak directly to the head honchos (Erin and I, in other words) then send a note over to sheroesrag_eic@hotmail.com

-Er, yes. Apparently you already know that we now have an lj account and community. Moving on.

-Yes, so, the fanfic department is now open to fanfic relating to any novel. We just ask that you please include the book title and the author of said book when you submit them.

And, I think that's all...